Sedona is one of those places that feels special just by virtue of standing there. Maybe it has to do with all the Vortexes or the collective consciousness there, because every single local I spoke to had a story and every one of them felt reverence for the place. Maybe it’s geography (stunning), maybe it really is aliens (I kid, but you hear stories). Whatever it is, Sedona is magical and has it going on in terms of good energy and raw beauty. And if you go, I’ve got a wonderful hotel for you: L’Auberge de Sedona.


LAUBERGE entrance


L’Auberge is centrally located right on the creek, and set against a backdrop of red rocks and trees. It’s gorgeous. The minute you drive through the entrance, you feel the tranquility.


LAuberge Lobby Kaleidoscope

The Lobby

The lobby is rustic cowboy chic.  It’s inviting, with comfortable seating, board games and kaleidoscopes on the tables.


LAuberge Lobby


It’s a great place to mingle with other guests, and it’s also connected to the bar and restaurant. In the mornings, the bar is set up as a complimentary coffee bar with coffee, tea, and pastries.


LAuberge Bar


And right outside the doors are huge decks, creekside dining, and pathways to the creek. You hear the water flowing, and it is very soothing.


LAuberge Cabin


The Room

Rooms are actually little cabins. They are about 600 square feet, but feel much bigger because of the smart floor plan, great design, and all the outdoor living space. I could easily live in one, and I was so inspired by these cabins that when I got home I actually called a contractor to see what would be involved in building one.


LAuberge Room


The layout is wonderful. A comfy bed with luxe bedding and dim-able lighting faces a gas fireplace and tv. There is a little bar/coffee area and storage space for your belongings.


LAuberge Seating Area


There is plenty of open space, so it feels breezy and comfortable.


LAuberge Outdoor Shower copy


The Bath

My favorite thing was the outdoor shower (and this was the impetus for the phone call to the contractor). I took about three showers every day while I was there because it was so amazing to be able to look up at blue sky during the day and stars at night.


LAuberge Outdoor Shower


The whole bathroom is huge and gorgeous. It was like having your own little mini spa.


LAuberge Vanity2


Fresh flowers on the vanity, luxurious bath linens, and green foliage right outside the windows are irresistible.


LAuberge Dog Friendly

Dog Friendly

L’Auberge is dog friendly. Sedona in general is extremely dog friendly and we saw tons of pups wherever we went. If you have canine family members, I’d encourage bringing them along. The grounds are ideal for walking your pooch, and it’s just so much more fun to have your dog with you when you travel.


LAuberge Creek J&C


The Grounds

The grounds at L’Auberge are spectacular. It’s family friendly, and we saw children, but there is such a calming vibe there that makes you feel so relaxed that all the guests we encountered, kids included, seemed to be on the same soothing page.


l'auberge rose


It kind of feels like a retreat, but it’s not self conscious or stuffy. I think the energy and bubbling sound coming from the creek just puts everyone at ease.


LAuberge Creek Boulders


All along the creek, there is seating so that you can hang out comfortably as much as you like. On the deck area, you’ll find seating around fire-pit tables. It’s the perfect place for a meaningful celebration, we saw a wedding party enjoying themselves while we were there.


LAuberge Creek Path


It’s absolutely restorative at L’Auberge. There’s no pressure to be quiet though–people are laughing and enjoying themselves, the place is just infused with a deep sense of peace that makes you walk away feeling energized and revitalized.

There is a pool, but it was too chilly to use while we were there (you can see a photo in the gallery below).


LAuberge Dining Room

Dining at L’Auberge

L’Auberge does offer creekside dining, and that is what we planned to do, but it was raining so we ended up having dinner inside. We really wanted to experience creekside dining (a reason to return), but I have to say, the dining room is gorgeous and we loved that atmosphere too.


LAuberge Restaurant


The floors are gray wood, and the color scheme is crisp white and neutrals. It’s modern and like the rest of the place, tranquil. Huge windows offer views of the creek and trees.


LAuberge Menu


The menu is a three-four course culinary adventure. We enjoyed three courses and it was more than enough.


lauberge prickly pear margaritas


We started with delicious Prickly Pear Margaritas (obviously my son’s was a mocktail).  Have you ever had a prickly pear margarita? These were the best I’ve ever tasted. And look how beautiful they are.


LAuberge Salad


Next was a crisp refreshing salad. The Citrus dressing was light and flavorful while the combination of peas, carrots and goat cheese was delicate and texturally pleasing.


LAuberge Pasta


The main entree was a buttery, creamy Butternut Squash and Maitake Mushroom Tortellini Pasta. Candied pecans added some crunch while the pasta melted in my mouth. Portions were generous and way more than we could eat.


LAuberge Dessert copy


Dessert looked like artwork. We got the Chocolate Bomb and Vanilla Bean Cheesecake. I love to see flowers in my food–isn’t that pretty? Like a Jackson Pollack on a plate.


LAuberge Dessert


You see vanilla ice cream there too, because no dessert is complete for my son without it.  After dinner, we walked around the property for a while, then went back to the room to enjoy a cozy fire and of course I had to have another outdoor shower under the stars.



LAuberge Spa


The Spa

If you are a fan of essential oils like I am, you will appreciate how L’Auberge has showcased them as the art form they are. You can purchase interesting blends and also mix your own.


LAuberge Spa Essential Oils


I had a creekside massage which took place just a few feet from the water.


lauberge creekside massage


During the massage, while I was chatting with my friendly therapist, I saw an otter. An otter! And it was a big one. I get really excited when I see wildlife, but there is something extra special about otters. I did not realize otters live in Sedona, but she saw it too, so it was definitely there and not some sort of relaxation hallucination.


lauberge creek flow


L’Auberge de Sedona Bottom Line

If you go to Sedona, you have to check out this property. Even if it’s just for a meal. I can’t say enough good things about it and wouldn’t dream of visiting Sedona without staying here again.

The location is ideal for those who like to walk. We did not rent a car (Arizona Shuttle was awesome from PHX) and we were able to walk everywhere. L’Auberge also has a complimentary shuttle which is super handy.

And something of note for those of you who travel with dogs–there is another well known luxury hotel in Sedona that I’d love to try but they Do Not accept dogs. So if you are traveling with canine family members, this is your place. You can find out more on the L’Auberge de Sedona website HERE.



  • We were guests of L’Auberge, opinions are my own.