Vinaigrette is my kind of place. Organic farm to table food. Salads, and outdoor seating on a pretty patio. This is what I like. It’s a great place to take a break from delicious but heavy New Mexican food. You can load up on nutrient dense food at Vinny’s. Juice, veggies, greens, and meals made with care. I could have eaten there every single day. You can really feel the love at this place and the atmosphere is colorful and comfortable.



Hibiscus Tea and Tomato Soup served with a Grilled Veggie Sandwich is some serious comfort food. Everything we tasted was wonderful and felt like food you’d get at your mom’s house. The Kale Salad, which was prepared with the kale totally shredded so you don’t have to work so hard to chew it up and topped with coarsely shredded parmesan might have been my favorite, I’ve never had a Kale Salad like that before, it was a great flavor combo.



Salad with Goat Cheese was excellent. That wonderful texture combination of the lightly fried goat chess mixed with velvety greens is hearty and satisfying.



It was so nice to get a break from heavy New Mexican food, which I LOVE, but my body craves nutrition and Vinaigrette fits the bill with amazing flavors to boot. Inside, the restaurant is bright and open, but for me, food always tastes better outside and we enjoyed the patio in the back. This is a dog friendly space, and we got to eat alongside some happy little furry friends.




If I lived near Vinaigrette, I’d eat here all the time. Their food is meticulously sourced organically and locally, much of it from their own gardens. Food this fresh has deep flavor and more nutrients. Even dessert is healthier when made with organic wholesome ingredients, so you can enjoy it more. At least I do. We tasted Carrot Cake,  Cheesecake with Berry, and Chocolate with fresh home made whipped cream.




If you visit Santa Fe, don’t miss out on a meal at Vinaigrette. This is high quality food that tastes delicious. Visit the website HERE.