The most interesting Christmas Market I have ever been to has got to be the Tollwood Winter-festival in Munich, Germany. And I think they probably consider it more of a Winterfest than “Christmas Market” as to be inclusive. Tollwood represents “the joy of living, tolerance, internationality and open-mindedness.”


tollwood munich 3


Vegetarian Bratwurst

Wow, where do I start? First of all, Tollwood is the only Christmas Market in all of Germany where you can find Vegetarian Bratwurst. I cannot guarantee this, but personally visited a dozen markets with no veggie bratwurst and was told by several vegetarian Germans that it did not exist at the markets.


tollwood munich 8


So reason number one to go–if you’re veg like me, is the veggie bratwurst. That and all the other fabulous food options. Vegetarianism and veganism is a running theme at Tollwood. So is environmentalism and animal rights. Check out this display below, attempting to show that what ends up as “sausage” was once a cuddly animal.


tollwood munich 7


But don’t worry, the mood is festive and Christmassy, it’s just a festival that focuses on certain principals. This market is perfect for those who appreciate farm to table food, home made crafts, and performance art.


tollwood munich 6


The interactive displays make this a great venue for kids. They can get involved personally with hands-on exhibits. This is a market that forces you to think, but it does so in a beautiful way with lots of color and imagery.


tollwood munich 5


What do you want to do before you die?

The above exhibit asks the question, “What do you want to do before you die?” and visitors can write their desires on the wall.


tollwood munich 1


The Food

You can find all sorts of international cuisine at the Tollwood Winterfestival. Falafel and Tagine is sold in a stall right next to more traditional German food, and also Thai and Greek and Italian. Go with an appetite because there is a lot to sample.

tollwood munich 9


There are indoor sections as well as outdoor stalls. You’ll find jewelry, hats and mittens, artwork of many varieties and food packaged perfectly for gifts. There’s gluhwein and beer as well as hot apple cider.


tollwood munich 2


Tollwood Winterfestival Bottom Line

If you’re in Munich, you should go to Tollwood. Even if you are not vegetarian because it’s just plain interesting and not something you see anywhere else. Find out more on the Tollwood website.