You don’t have to go to Disney World to have an amazing experience in Orlando, Florida. There is another way to enjoy Orlando with a taste of the whimsy and none of the stress at Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Walt Disney. If you are planning to spend time at the parks, the only drawback to staying here is that it’s so fabulous, you may not want to brave the crowds when you can relax in total luxury and tranquility. We never left the property–I don’t think you could have paid me to leave.

It makes a lot of sense for families and multigenerational groups because some can hang out at the hotel while others can visit the theme parks via complimentary transportation.



The Lobby

The lobby is palatial. Gorgeous tile work and unique lighting are just a couple of the details that create a grand entrance. As soon as you walk in, you get that sigh of relief that comes with knowing you are going to have a wonderful stay. You enter another world. That’s what I get when I walk through the door of a Four Seasons Resort, I know it’s going to be awesome and Four Seasons Orlando was no exception.




What made this one a little bit different, is that it has a smattering of Disney flavor and is extra family and kid-oriented. This was exciting for my ten year old and as we explored the grounds, he found more than enough to keep him happy and busy. When we entered the room, the first thing he saw was a pirate hat and sword waiting on the bed along with a kid-sized bathrobe. There were also milk and cookies–pretty standard for Four Seasons, but it never ceases to be a thrill.


The Grounds

Landscaping is beautiful with palm trees, hibiscus flowers and perfectly groomed foliage mixed with more rugged wilderness on the outskirts. It is a beautiful blend of natural habitat and bold luxury.

We saw wildlife like heron and even alligators (cute little ones). At night we caught tiny frogs. If nature is not your thing, don’t worry. We looked for it and thought it was exciting, but if you just want to bask in luxury, it’s everywhere. I found it especially wonderful at night, when it was cooler and aglow with the bright blue of the pools, architectural lighting and the glowing giant orb fountain.

FS Orlando Room View


The Room

I love great design and that is one of my favorite things about staying in hotels. I especially like it when a hotel incorporates a lot of color. And the Four Seasons Resort Orlando is a design geek’s dream full of color, texture and pattern.

A spacious balcony with comfortable furniture provided us a great place to watch fireworks at night. The fireworks shows coming from Disney are pretty spectacular and it’s a treat to watch them in total comfort  with a cold glass of lemonade on a warm night, cozy with the pleasing exhaustion of playing in the sun all day.




The Bed

I slept so soundly and peacefully here I tried to buy a set of sheets so that I could bring some of that comfort home where I already have luxe buttery soft sheets and a comfy Tempurpedic bed. Somehow I sleep better when I stay at any Four Seasons–I don’t know what the magic is with their beds but it’s awesome for an insomniac like me. Unfortunately they did not have the size to fit my bed or I would have had the whole set (they do sell king size for those of you who are curious).


fsorlando bath

The Bath

Honeycomb was a repeated geometric motif throughout the hotel and when I walked into the bathroom and saw the honeycomb marble I was in a design-swoon. It is stunning. There’s a soaking tub, shower and integrated tv in the mirror.



The Pools

There are several pools and water features to choose from, including a lazy river. We enjoyed the pools even more at night when there was hardly anyone else there. One night, during sunset, the sky was filled with pink like cotton candy and as we floated around and around the lazy river, we felt the kind of  bliss you only get when water is involved, simultaneously relaxing and invigorating.

The infinity edge adult pool is especially tranquil at night, with fire pits and illuminated palm trees. A few laps and some languishing is a beautiful way to end the day.


fs orlando adult pool pod



You get your little dose of Disney at the pools and waterpark. Kids can be pirates and shoot water canons at people as they float down the river, or they can search for treasure around the water caves.

Pool attendants have everything you could want, including sunscreen, pitchers of water, sunglass cleaner, magazines and first aid for the kids. They are extremely friendly and make sure you have what you need at all times. You don’t even have to ask, they anticipate your needs. We needed something for a bug bite and voila! No problem, whatever that stuff was worked like a charm. This is the kind of thing I really appreciate–they think of everything.




All around the lazy river are little seating areas so you can take a break and chill out in comfort. We were too preoccupied with the river to sit still, but I can see how it would be super enjoyable for parents to hang out and watch the kids float past.




Two big waterslides provide as much fun as you have energy to climb the stairs. We are big slide connessiurs and rate these slides (one a clear blue tube) A+ and though I can only vouch for the open slide, my son was crazy about the tube. At night, they show Disney and Pixar movies at the family pool.





Complimentary Kid’s Club

One of the very best things a hotel can offer is a kid’s club. A complimentary one is even more fantastic and something that really sets the Four Seasons apart. What a joy to drop off your child to a fun environment where they can meet and play with other children while you unwind. Seriously, every luxury resort should offer this, it’s one of my favorite amenities at Four Seasons.

The staff at Kids For All Seasons is always very capable and reassuring. My son has had to be virtually dragged out of these clubs because he’s had so much fun. We had a blast together at the lazy river, and at this hotel in general, but it was wonderful to be able to go off and enjoy the adult pool and spa unfettered and assured that my kiddo was in great hands. The Four Seasons Orlando kid’s club sports an indoor volcano.

Another wonderful thing about Kids For All Seasons is that the hours are flexible. That means you drop your child off on your own schedule and for as long as you choose within the hours of 9-5. If you want to go to a spa appointment, then you can drop them off for two hours. Not all kid’s clubs are run like this and it’s super convenient.


FS Orlando Dog Bowls

Dog Friendly

Like other Four Sesons, the Orlando property is dog friendly. They don’t even charge a dog fee. And they pamper your pooch. Our dog loves to travel and it is wonderful to be able to take her with us. Not only is it convenient, but we find that we enjoy our trips more if she is with us. She also lends a feeling of homeyness and stability, which is nice for my son.



When we bring the dog with us to a Four Seasons, they always provide bowls and treats personalized with her name. Walking down the halls or around the grounds staff (and other guests) always approach to interact with the dog which makes us feel welcome.



The Spa

The Spa at Four Seasons Orlando is pretty grandiose. So much so that it needs its own page, so read about that here.




The Food

There are a ton of food options at Four Seasons Orlando. We didn’t have time to try them all but what we did have was great to perfection. Read about those meals here. That pizza is take-out we got from Ravello, a modern Italian themed restaurant within the hotel. We ate at the casual outdoor PB&G and the upscale Capa (which was my favorite). Read about food options and my reviews of what we had here.

The Four Seasons Resort Orlando Bottom Line

This is beautiful property where the glamor and luxury is balanced out by the wild of the Florida everglades. While it is over the top awesome, there are some key things that make it a practical option for Orlando accommodations.

  • No Resort Fee
  • No Dog Fee
  • Complimentary Kid’s Club
  • Hideout for Teens
  • Affordable and Accomodating Food Options
  • Easy Access to Walt Disney World
  • Complimentary Transportation to Theme Parks
  • On Site Water Park
  • Children Under 5 Eat Free
  • 18-Hole Golf Course
  • Complimentary WiFi
  • Comfortable Late Departure Lounge

That’s a whole lot of extras and I did not list them all. If you are catching a late flight out of MCO, there is a large comfortable lounge to hang out in before heading out. The Four Seasons Orlando Resort at Walt Disney has a ton to offer. Read more on the website and see more photos below.