I’ve spent a lot of time in Florida, but never knew about the hidden gem that is Ponte Vedra Inn & Club until recently. I think it is one of the best kept secrets in the state.


Ponte Vedra Inn Entrance


Ponte Vedra Inn & Club is located between St. Augustine and Jacksonville, Florida. It’s a beautiful mostly-coastal drive to get there if you take A1A.


Ponte Vedra Inn Fountain


As you pull into the property, you’re greeted by a grand fountain topped with a welcoming pineapple and surrounded by seahorses, which are a repeated theme throughout the inn. The friendly staff immediately makes you feel comfortable and happy to be there. This is a five diamond luxury resort great for multigenerational families offering something for everyone, including golf, tennis, swimming pools, gym, spa, and great food options.


Ponte Vedra Inn Room


The Room

Rooms are luxurious and comfortable with wonderful decor. Look at all the patterns! I find this sort of layered design delightful. Floral patterns mixed with zebra print and geometric shapes–everywhere you look, there is something interesting, like the sea urchin lamps or the mosaic frame around the mirror. Delicious design elements. Sea glass blue walls are soothing and refreshing after being in the sunshine. This is the type of room I get excited about, not one bit of beige.


Ponte Vedra Inn View From Room


Just outside the room is a little patio with chairs and a table to just sit and enjoy the ocean. Everything is right there, you’re only a few feet from the water. The beach is dotted with cheery bright yellow umbrellas.


ponte vedra inn twilight


At night, it is beautiful to watch dusk approach, and then the moon take it’s place in the sky. I have been here twice. Once during a super moon, and once during the Jupiter-Venus confluence.


Ponte Vedra Inn Nightime


It was the perfect place to view the events. Moon coming up over the sea, and two planets hovering over palms–magical.


Ponte Vedra Inn Room at Night


At night, with the shades pulled down, you see even more patterns in the posh and cozy room, isn’t it fabulous?


ponte vedra inn rainbow


The Views

Everything is flawless, but my favorite thing about Ponte Vedra Inn & Club is the easy and immediate access you have to constantly morphing seaside views.


ponte vedra inn ocean waves


Right from your porch outside your room (or even your window), you see an ever-changing view of the ocean. Sometimes it is placid and serene, and sometimes it is fierce. The lighting is amazing. What a privledge to wake up to spectacular sunrises. I set an alarm for 5:30 each morning so I wouldn’t miss a thing.This is real Florida. With dunes and miles of unspoiled beach.


Ponte Vedra Inn Beach Dunes


All throughout the day, you are looking at a completely different view from the same place.


Ponte Vedra Inn Beach


Different colors, textures and lighting unfold in front of you. While I was there, a storm came through and it was beautiful. It didn’t last long, but was fascinating to watch an enormous black cloud engulf the place, then retreat, refreshing and resetting the day. Where I live, thunderstorms are rare and I miss the thrill of the ominous clouds and crashing thunder.


Ponte Vedra Inn Shark Teeth


Shark Teeth

This particular beach is known for an abundance of shark teeth. I thought being one of the first people out there in the morning would secure my opportunity for finding teeth. But no such luck.


ponte vedra beach


I did actually find a about three teeth, which was a bit disappointing after hearing stories about kids with sand buckets full of them. The trick is to get out there during low tide.


Ponte Vedra Inn The Patio Salad


The Food

There are several options at the Ponte Vedra Inn & Club for food and snacks. I’ve eaten breakfast, lunch and dinner here and can tell you about all three. Look at that salad, doesn’t that look great? That was lunch at the Surf Club Patio. You are outside in the open salt-air and that is probably my favorite way to enjoy a meal. I had fresh local fish over salad with a dollop of crab salad on top and it was filling and delicious.


ponte vedra inn seahorse grille


For dinner, I ate at the Seahorse Grille. It’s a sea-themed atmosphere with a huge aquarium, tall ceilings with wood beams, and floor to ceiling windows facing the ocean.


Ponte Vedra Inn Dinner


The menu is creative with some interesting takes on seafood. My favorite thing was the crab cake. Lobster was served with tiny little flowers (I had a cold strawberry soup at the spa that was also served with flowers–I love flowers in my food). I was told they are famous for their crab cakes and baked Caesar Salad.


pponte vedra inn breakfast


I’m not a breakfast person, but I did sample some breakfast in the Inn Dining Room and it was southern homestyle breakfast food, like grits and buttermilk pancakes. See the seahorse butter? The thing I enjoyed most about that meal was the server I had. She told me about how her family worked at the inn for a couple of generations. The employees I encountered were all so happy and committed, it was nice to be around and I think that reflects on how things are run. Happy staff = happy guests.


ponte vedra inn & club spa


The Spa

Ponte Vedra Inn & Club has an exceptional spa. I think the thing that sets it apart from other spas I’ve been to was the porch and the pool. It is gorgeous. The porch really captures the vibe of coastal Florida. And boy are those loungers comfortable. The spa offers healthy food and drink, as well as cocktails. So you can be healthy, or decadent, whichever you choose. This is the kind of spa to go to with your friends and it really fosters a great environment for conversation and relaxation.


ponte vedra beach sunset


Ponte Vedra Inn & Club Bottom Line

This is a special resort that feels very intimate. Every little detail is thought through and there are delightful touches that make it unique. A friendly staff makes you feel welcome and the views are breathtaking. I have focused a lot on the ocean because that is what was so spectacular to me, but there are other things to do, like play golf or tennis and swim in the large pool or the lap pool. For me, it is a big deal to be that close to the waves, so that is where I spent most of my time. This would be a wonderful resort for a family reunion or girlfriend’s weekend, or even a quick rejuvenating solo visit like I enjoyed.



  • I was a guest of Ponte Vedra Inn & Club, opinions are my own.