When I was in Zurich, I stumbled upon this amazing juicer that stopped me in my tracks. I was in Zurich West, a funky, interesting part of town with an eclectic variety of shops. And there it was, sitting on a table with kitchen stuff–The Novis Vita Juicer. As an avid juicer, the second I saw this bright orange machine, which to me looked like a work of art, I swooned.




Yes, I get excited about appliances–when they look like art. The Novis Vita Juicer looks and feels like a sculpture. It’s heavy and solid, and the surface is smooth as steel. It’s gorgeous. I was tempted to buy it right then and there, but since we have a different electrical system, and I was traveling light, with only a carryon (as usual), I used restraint. When I got back to the US, I contacted the company to see when and if they would be available in the States. And guess what? They were soon to be available here.

Now, I have a bright green Novis Vita Juicer in my kitchen and I adore it. Everyone who comes to my house has to touch it and wants one too. It’s the star of my kitchen. And it works like a dream. I’ve got about four juicers, both masticating and centrifugal. Both styles have their merits, but this one has won the real estate on my counter top because not only do I like the function, it’s something I want to look at all the time.


It makes delicious green drinks in just a couple of minutes and clean up is easy. My staple drink is to juice a cucumber, lemon, kale (or other greens like romaine lettuce), and green or red apple. For variety I love to throw in some ginger and herbs like cilantro, parsley or basil. It’s so good and energizing and especially awesome to do first thing in the morning to blast your cells with nutrients.

Another thing about this juicer that I have never experienced before is that it has the ability to juice citrus fruits. There is a separate attachment that takes about two seconds to put on, and you just put your half citrus on the reamer and you have immediate juice with no waste. It’s fast and easy enough that if you only want citrus juice, like limes for a margarita, it’s quick work. You can even juice other fruits, like pomegranates by using the citrus attachment. You can also use this to make quick homemade salad dressings and dips (youtube has some great videos about this).



This versatile, effective juicer is so pretty you might not want to use it at first. I let it sit on my counter for nearly two weeks before using it because I wanted it to remain pristine. I really did! But now I use it all the time and it’s every bit as beautiful. Don’t waste any time, dive right in because it’s probably going to be a favorite appliance.

With the holiday season upon us, and new years coming up, this juicer is a wonderful thing to have for mixing healthier cocktails and dips for Christmas and New Years while maintaining health in between indulgences with fresh green juices. Find the Novis Vita Juicer HERE.