How surprised I was when I learned of Matt’s in the Market and realized how many times I’d walked right by it all these years without knowing the culinary wonders I was missing. Located in Pikes Place Market in Seattle, in the Corner Market Building on the third floor, Matt’s offers great views and food that knocked my socks off.


matts in the market view


Matt’s in the Market Atmosphere

I really wasn’t expecting it, but every single thing I tried was spectacular. We got a corner table with a beautiful view of the market. It was a late lunch and a rainy day, and Matt’s felt particularly cozy. The place smelled like Mama’s kitchen. Decor is minimalist and urban, but not sterile or cold. Arched windows frame the fabulous view.


falafel matt's in the market

Matt’s in the Market Food

We had Falafel, a Fish Sandwich, Salad with Wild Mushrooms and Dessert. Everything looked and tasted like art. All the flavors subtle and delicate, never overpowering, but perfectly put together to bring out the true flavor of the food. This is what I believe to be the ultimate in food preparation. And Matt’s had it in spades. Everything seemed to melt in my mouth, and bite after bite I kept saying, “Oh my god, this is the best–fill in the blank–I’ve ever had!”



At Matt’s, the menu is always changing, based on availability of fresh local food obtained from downstairs in the market. This is essentially fine dining, but relaxed and affordable.


matts in the market dessert

Matt’s in the Market Bottom Line

You know those meals you never forget? This was one of them. If you go, allow a couple of hours to linger and savor every bite. And you have to get dessert. We each had one and they were both excellent. Matt’s In The Market captures the spirit that is Pikes Place Market in an urban farmy edible gourmet masterpiece. Find out more on the website.

*We were guests of Matt’s, opinions are my own.