One of my favorite memories of Reykjavik was the time I spent at Laundromat Cafe. It’s a bustling, vegetarian friendly cafe with smiling faces and rainbows. Literally rainbows. It’s centrally located, so pretty much any hotel you’re at downtown will give you easy access. I ¬†visited twice while staying at the Radisson 1919.


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Laundromat Cafe Food

I had the Veggie Burger which was huge and hearty and kept me full all day. Food is expensive in Iceland everywhere you go–expect to pay $25 for this. After you get over the initial sticker shock, it’s fine, you get used to it. This burger was worth it to me, enormous and filling, I could have easily been satisfied sharing half.



laundromat cafe reykjavik iceland


The Lattes I had were about $5 and also huge, so the same price as they are at home. And way better. The dairy in Iceland is crazy good. I could not  get enough coffee drinks because of this. Then when I got back to the US, it took a long time before I wanted to drink them here. There is no comparison.


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Laundromat Cafe Atmosphere

The ambiance at Laundromat Cafe is bright and colorful and cozy. Maps all over the walls, red glowing lamps, and a rainbow of books on the bar shelf make the place feel homey and comfortable. There is a sense of humor and playfulness here.

IMG_6717I spent a few hours in this cafe (they play great music), reading newspapers, working, and just soaking up the vibes.

Downstairs you’ll find laundry facilities if you do need to wash clothes. It’s a family friendly place–they encourage breastfeeding in fact. I love seeing the mix of generations. Babies to grandparents all enjoying their food. I saw a lot of kids enjoying their food (there is a children’s menu too).

You can’t go wrong at Laundromat Cafe, the menu is varied with something for everyone and it’s worth it for the good energy alone. Find out more on the website.