The Kitchen Next Door, in Denver Union Station, offers organic farm to table food, a fun, energetic atmosphere and a super friendly welcoming staff. The “Community through Food” concept behind The Kitchen is that people connect through food, similar to how it is at home–the kitchen is the heart and soul of the house. It’s an ideal place to grab lunch when you are downtown, or at Union Station. And if you like beets, you are in big luck.


the kitchen next door beet salad


Beet Salad

The Kitchen Next door has several dishes where beets are the star. They love beets at The Kitchen Next Door, it’s even part of their logo. And if you are in the market for souvenir shirts with the Colorado flag–you should see theirs. They’re so cute with a bunch of beets in the middle of the “C” for Colorado. Obviously I am a beet fan too. My favorite dish was the Arugula Beet Salad with Feta. Great texture, great flavor, and the tanginess of arugula goes great with the sweetness of beets. And at The Kitchen Next Door, the beets are organic, so you don’t have to worry about gmo beets, for those of you who pay attention to that stuff like I do.


the kitchen next door table


Organic Kale Chips

The other thing I got super excited about was kale chips. I eat them all the time at home but have never seen them on a menu. They were great and also organic. One order is huge and plenty to share with the table.


the kitchen next door veggie burger


Beet Burger

I also tried the Beet Veggie Burger, and it was good, but I preferred the salad, which was basically the burger minus the bun.


the kitchen next door sign


The Kitchen Next Door Bottom Line

I love the luxury of getting organic food in restaurants, still something that’s mostly unavailable where I live. The Kitchen Next Door offers healthy, delicious food and they serve it up with a welcoming, happy staff. My friend told me that during our week in Colorado eating nothing but fabulous food at excellent restaurants, this meal at The Kitchen Next Door was her favorite. It’s kid friendly as well and my son loved it too. Find out more about The Kitchen Next Door at Denver Union Station HERE.

  • We were guests of The Kitchen Next Door, opinions are my own.
  • Image 1 courtesy of The Kitchen Next Door, via James Ray Spahn.