If you’re traveling in Orlando, the chances are good you are there for theme parks and Disney. But what about those of us who want to skip all that? Located in the heart of Lake Buena Vista, the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress is the kind of place you can visit with your multi-generational family, and those that want to head over to Disney can do so via complimentary shuttles while those who do not will find plenty to do right there on the property. And I would argue that it just might be more fun to hang out at the resort.


Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress Lobby Check In


The Lobby

It’s a grand entrance as you walk through the door into the atrium-like lobby. There’s mood lighting, seating, and talking MaCaw parrots that have apparently been there for years. This lobby is bustling, but somehow calm and serene.



Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress Lobby Ceiling



This is one hotel where we actually enjoyed going in and out because the elevator ride was pretty and the wide open space inside was beautiful.



Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress Lobby


The staff were super friendly and had it together. We were checked in and off to our room quickly. No muss, no fuss.


Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress


The Room

Our room was contemporary with a comfortable bed, chaise lounge, and desk area. Our view was fantastic, facing the pool, lake, and nightly fireworks.

Dog Friendly

The Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress is dog friendly, which is kind of a big deal in Orlando. There are not many upscale hotels that are dog friendly in this area. It’s a great property for those traveling with canine family members with easy access to outside and plenty of walkways to enjoy. We saw a couple other dogs while we were there, everyone seemed content.


Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress Room


We were very comfortable and had everything we needed. That chaise was wonderful (so much so I now want one in my bedroom at home) and we had plenty of space.


Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress Bath


The Bath

The bath was clean and simple. Nothing too exciting, but up to date with an undermount sink and some bright artwork. Pleasant and functional.


Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress Club Room Open


Club Room

We love staying on club floors and visiting club rooms. It’s a much more social experience and we like meeting people while traveling. It’s typical for my son to make friends his own age to hang out with at the pool, not to mention he gets a huge kick out of the buffets and snacks.


Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress Club Roof


There was food for breakfast, snacks throughout the day, and appetizers at night. There was always something to eat and drink and the attendants were welcoming. The room is crisp and bright with wonderful views, but the best part about the club room is the rooftop seating area. Isn’t that beautiful? Look at the Buddha. You see beautiful sculptures all over this property, just nonchalantly placed. The roof is the ideal place to view fireworks–and the show is extensive.


Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress Pool


The Pool

The pool at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress is fabulous. Dotted with huge bright yellow umbrellas, the pool scene is cheery and comfortable. Rocky waterfalls and grottos are fun to swim around and there is a waterslide and alcoves. It’s a great pool for kids and adults too, and remained busy and active until late at night. I believe this pool is open 24 hours, if not, it’s open late, so you can easily go for a swim after dinner. We were there until 10pm along with a whole bunch of other people.


Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress Overview


The Grounds

This resort has a ton to offer. We did not get to do everything we wanted to do, like go kayaking on the lake or cycling, because there just weren’t enough hours in a day. But it was wonderful to have so many options. There are hammocks for relaxing, kayaks and paddle boats to enjoy on the lake, and a bike path. There is something for every family member here and you can keep busy or chill out. We did a little of both.


Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress Spa


The Spa

The Marilyn Monroe Spa has a theme of glamour based on Marilyn. It’s a small spa, but nice and contemporary. I’m more of a nature girl and less glam, but let me tell you, the treatment I had was super therapeutic. The therapist was excellent and knew what she was doing, I felt like it was a five star treatment.


Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress Hemmingways


The Food at Hemingway’s

There are a few dining options, but we ate at Hemingway’s which was lovely in both food and atmosphere. Tall wood beamed ceilings with fans, lots of windows with lush green palms outside make for an airy, Florida back porch vibe.


Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress Hemmingways Crab Cake


We sampled a few things, but our favorite was the Crab Cakes. Look at that presentation, isn’t that fabulous? Food as art. And it tasted just as good as it looks with chunks of crab meat and delicate flavors.


Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress Hemmingways Key Lime Pie


When you’re in Florida, you’ve got to have Key Lime Pie, right? Especially if you are at a place called Hemingway’s. There’s was good and huge–a generous amount for two people to share.


Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress Sculpture


Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress Bottom Line

This property has much to offer including:

  • Excellent Pool
  • Kayaking & Paddle Boats
  • Club Level
  • Dog Friendly
  • Bikes and Bike Path
  • Solid Dining Options
  • Full Service Spa
  • Complimentary Shuttles to Theme Parks
  • Tennis & Racquet Club
  • Fitness Center
  • Grand Cypress Golf Course

We had a great time, felt very comfortable and wished we had a couple more days to explore. It’s an ideal hotel for families, particularly if not everyone wants to go to the theme parks. Find out more on the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress website HERE.


  • We were guests of Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress, opinions are my own.