My first stop in Reykjavik was Hotel Borg. An art deco hotel with a friendly staff and excellent location made it a good introduction to the city. I took the Gray Line from Keflavík airport and got dropped off right in front of the hotel.


hotel borg room

The Room

The room was mocha brown with a coved ceiling and deep bathtub. Pretty basic, but that little bit of art deco touch made it more interesting. By the time I got to Hotel Borg, it was late and I just wanted to take a hot bath and crawl in bed. I had a good night’s sleep and went downstairs for some excellent coffee the following morning. Cappuccinos in Iceland are fantastic. I think it’s the milk. I’m not a big dairy person, I can take it or leave it, but in Iceland, it is so good! I was told the reason is due to the cows not having any sort of hormones or shots and being raised more free range and organically.


hotel borg bar 2


The Bistro-Bar

Attached to Hotel Borg is a bistro/bar called Nora Magasin. They play wonderful music (I Love Icelandic music) and the atmosphere is relaxed and cool. They also have a popular happy hour which is pretty significant in Iceland where a pint is about $11 USD. While I was there, they had a Christmas Cat theme going. The Christmas Cat is a bad guy, not some cute cartoon. It threatens naughty children. Love that Christmas Cat! This place was badass and unassuming and the people there were friendly and chatted with me about music, introducing me to a couple of bands I didn’t know about, and making suggestions on where I should go and not go.


Hotel Borg Bottom Line

Hotel Borg is in a great location, you can walk everywhere (cafes, restaurants, etc.). Cafe Paris is across the street. You’re right off the main shopping street and the art deco theme is pleasing. Find out more on the Hotel Borg website.


* I was a guest of Hotel Borg, opinions are my own.