I’m a total Christmas person. For me it’s about the beautiful lights, seasonal food, and the coziness of being with people we love. For the last couple of years, I’ve been away from home on Christmas, so this year I am looking forward to hunkering down and snuggling up on Christmas day. However, traveling during December is magical and I’ve taken note of all the design moves made by my favorite hotels and restaurants.


Normally, I look toward favorites Crate and Barrel and CB2 for my design inspiration, but this year Target knocked my socks off with their holiday home design that’s so gorgeousĀ I couldn’t believe it. So I indulged in a few new holiday pieces to change up the look of our table and home decor for Christmas.

Pretty crisp white placemats with metallic silver threads combined with warm gold flatware pops on the table with a bright colorful salad. They are traditional and modern at the same time.




This year they’re offering some fabulous Christmas decorations to set the mood. I can not believe the quality. I love how they created different moods and themes. If you like a rustic theme, they have it. A White Christmas theme, or colorful kid friendly theme, they have that too.



We got some cute little polar bears, and some fun decorations for our Christmas tree. I also got stuff to set a beautiful table. They have Christmas-specific tableware, and also things that are non-specific and simple and versatile enough for year round. That’s what I got. I fell in love with gold this year. I’ve always been a silver person, but this year the warmth of gold got me.

Normally I like to put our extra funds toward travel, but things were so fabulous and affordable that I thought it was okay to do something new design-wise this year for Christmas. How could I not? A few pieces mixed in with your other stuff can really brighten things up. I have a soft spot for holiday decor and it’s best to just avoid it because I can’t help myself. Well this year I didn’t have to.

  • This post was NOT sponsored by Target.
  • Images courtesy of Target.