I’m obsessed with helicopters. They fascinate me, and I get very excited to be near them or fly in them. The trouble is, I’m not a fan of heights. Terrified might be a better word for it if I’m honest. But I continue to push myself in this direction, because being up high is magnificent and experiencing flight is truly amazing.



I’ve only flown in a helicopter twice, once in Hawaii, and once from Vancouver to Victoria, so I’m not familiar with all the sounds and sensations yet. You know how, in a plane, you recognize the sound of landing gear and wing flaps, so it doesn’t scare you? I need to learn all those sounds helicopters make so that I can focus on the amazing views. In those moments when I wasn’t white-knuckling, it’s absolutely blissful and wicked cool to hover above. You should see the breathtaking views from Vancouver to Victoria. Taking off and watching the skyscrapers in the city become smaller and smaller is spectacular. It’s much more interesting to me than taking off in an airplane because the perspective is so different.




Helijet’s lobby is really nice, and similar to a first class lounge at an airport, just much smaller. They have complimentary food and drink, and the staff is welcoming and helpful. You can watch helicopters coming and going–it’s very cool.



Helijet has a perfect safety record. Helicopters are safe in general, and it’s interesting to me that when I talk to helicopter pilots, a few have told me they think helicopters are safer than planes because, should something go wrong, they can land virtually anywhere. Heljet’s pilots were approachable and¬†friendly.


Speed & Convenience

it’s just a 30 minute flight between Victoria and Vancouver, saving you heaps of time compared to driving, bus or ferry. It’s also faster than taking a sea plane. The great thing about helicopters is that they can fly in weather conditions when planes can’t fly. So for business travelers and people with time constraints (and who doesn’t have a shortage of time), it’s an efficient means of travel.


Helijet Bottom Line

I can’t wait to do it again. Now that I know what to expect, I want to experience it again, preferably in the summer when the skies are clear. Helijet is kid friendly and my son loved his first flight in the helicopter. Find out more on the Helijet website.