Glo is located right off Laugavegur, the main shopping street in Reykjavik. It’s near the major hotels and the famous church, Hallgr√≠mskirkja, and not at all hard to find. It’s easy to get to on foot and a must for anyone looking for healthy and yummy (mostly vegetarian) food. They change the menu daily and offer options to try a few things in one meal including different salads and warm entrees.


Glo Reykjavik

They had me at Kale

I’m kind of hooked on green juice. It’s a luxury I enjoy at home and rarely come across on my travels. When I saw the Glo bottles filled with bright colorful juice, I pointed at the green one and asked what was in it. “Lettuce, lemon, kale…” Said the smiling face with the Icelandic accent. “I’ll take one, thanks,” thrilled to get my hands on some green drink nourishment after a couple of weeks of traveling. I also got their wonderful Cauliflower Soup (and have tried and tried at home to mimic those flavors to no avail), two types of salad and some satisfying and textural bread that I wish I could enjoy more often.


Glo Lunch Reykjavik

The Food

The food was perfect and worth the shocking $25. It took me a couple of days to get over sticker shock in Iceland, but food like this helped me reconcile the high prices I’m not used to at home. The food here is organic, fresh, and delicious. I felt nourished and was grateful to be able to eat such high quality food.

glo reykjavik

The Atmosphere

The atmosphere is family friendly and cozy. When you’re coming in from the cold to hot home made soup, you feel deep comfort. Rustic wood, comfortable seating and a fresh crisp decor with a little bit of Scandinavian edge made me love the atmosphere.

glo view reykjavik

Glo, Bottom Line

Just go. Wouldn’t dream of going to Reykjavik and not having at least one meal here. It’s a relief to find healthy food while traveling and gave me the fuel I needed to explore the fascinating city of Reykjavik. There is another Glo location, but this is the one I visited. Find out more on the Glo¬†website.