There were so many great food options at Four Seasons Orlando that I thought it best to dedicate a whole post to the food at this hotel. If you haven’t read about my wonderful experience at this resort, you can do so here.


four seasons orlando Capaentrance

Capa Steak House

Though I am vegetarian–pescatarian when I travel, I have had the best luck getting wonderful food at steak houses. Capa has Spanish-Basque cuisine and the dyamic menu offers a modern take on classic food, a bold atmosphere and sweeping views.


four seasons orlando Capa



Capa is artful on every level. From the billowing red fabric sculpture-lighiting on the ceiling to the drinks, food, and presentation, it is an experience, not just dinner. Capa means cape, or cloak in Spanish and presumably the flowing fabric is a homage to the capes worn by bullfighters.



four seasons orlando CapaMojitoModerno


Mojito Moderno: Liquid, Drinkable Art

When I ordered the Mojito Moderno I was not expecting the bright yellow drink I received and at first thought it was a mistake. But apparently it was passion fruit that gave it that color and I can’t even begin to describe the taste well enough to do it justice. This is what “craft cocktails” should be and it was probably the best and most interesting cocktail I’ve ever had, possessing layers of flavor and subtle complexity. It’s made with things that take a long time to prep.

They take their cocktails seriously at Capa and the bar tenders arrive at the same time as the chefs to create the potions and concoctions that go in the drinks. The Mojito Moderno is not something you could make at home unless you have a ton of time and really know what you are doing. I love re-creating food and drinks I’ve had while traveling and I wouldn’t even attempt this. My son had Mojito mocktails which he loved. They looked more like your traditional Mojito–I can make that. But the Moderno, just, Wow.



four seasons orlando CapaSquashBlossom


Squash Blossoms

The Squash Blossom appetizer was cooked to perfection. Light and crispy on the outside and stuffed with a ricotta filling with delicate flavors. Between the cocktail and this, I could have been full. Oh, but no. I continued to experience one incredible bite after the other of food that–and this is what eating in a restaurant should be–food that might be familiar, but tastes completely new, like the first time you have ever tried it.


four seasons orlando CapaHalibut



My son had steak and I had Halibut with Nasturtium, Lemon and Fennel. It was insanely good, some the best fish I’ve ever had. In a steakhouse. Again, the thing for me was the subtle complexities. I love it when the chef knows how to add just the right flavors that bring out the true flavor of the food and make it exciting without overwhelming it.


four seasons orlando CapaView


Capa is on the 17th floor and offers sweeping views of the area. You can see the Magic Kingdom and nightly fireworks.


four seasons orlando CapaChurros



We got to taste a couple of different things, but the best thing we had for dessert was the Churros de Madrid. Dessert is not complete for my son without vanilla ice cream, so that is always on the table. And boy was it amazing with the dulce and chocolate sauces that came with the Churros which were crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Basically the kind of thing that melts in your mouth.


four seasons orlando CapaCeiling

Whether you are staying at the Four Seasons or not, Capa is a great place to have dinner and worth seeking out. Flavors are subtle and intricate and food is art here.




four seasons orlando pb&g menu


PB&G, aka Pool Bar & Grill, is a casual restaurant with outdoor seating and yummy southern inspired comfort food. The restaurant is wide open and festive with bright colors and a relaxed and festive Florida vibe.


four seasons orlando pb&g deck



Brightly colored picnic tables and a whimsical menu make it perfect for kids. The restaurant is situated on a deck protruding over the lake. If you get really lucky, you might see an alligator in the water. We saw two, right from the deck at PB&G. They were small and very cute. How often do you get to see alligators while you have a wonderful meal?


four seasons orlando PBG2 copy


Bright turquoise and yellow pop against a backdrop of wood and views of nature, perfectly capture the feeling of being on a back porch in Florida. I love how they were able to harness the mood of the place. Sometimes when you go to a resort, you miss the local flavor, but because of the natural setting and conscious design, you feel like you are in Florida.


four seasons orlando PBGCrabCakes


The Food

I recommend the Crab Cakes. They have big chunks of crab meat and great flavor and texuture. I also  tried the Lobster Roll which was decadent served with seasoned fries.


four seasons orlando PB&G Lobster Roll


Presentation is in keeping with the atmosphere–fun and colorful. Desserts are traditional, but served in unusual ways. The Strawberry Shortcake was deconstructed and the Brownie Sundae came in a jar.


four seasons orlando PBGDessert


PB&G is the place to go during the day while you’re enjoying the pool or early evening for a drink before dinner. Children will love it for the upbeat design, classic comfort flavors and easy going family friendly vibe.


four seasons orlando LicketySplit copy


Lickety Split

Lickety Split is the resort’s cafe. Cute and cheeky, it’s the place to go for a quick snack. Though there is an espresso machine in the room, if you like more elaborate coffee drinks, thy have plenty to offer. Coffee connoisseurs will appreciate the gigantic cold-pressed system and extravagant espresso machine imported from Italy.


four seasons orlando lickety split2


You can get pre-made salads, sushi and other quick-grab foods in the deli case. They also have sodas, juice, and beers. Very affordable options here for random meals. I had the sushi and it was great, we also tried the famous Gelato and a few other snacks here and there.


four seasons orlando lickety split


They have seating if you want to hang out, but I think most people grab something to go. That’s not to say it wouldn’t be wonderful to eat there. Like everywhere else in this hotel, the design is fabulous and there is pattern, texture and color to take in.


four seasons orlando fsorlandocafe4


Bottom Line Four Seasons Orlando Resort Food Options

You can find so many delicious food options at the Four Seasons Orlando Resort at Walt Disney you never have to leave the property. Besides familiar comfort food, you get to enjoy the creativity of top chefs in beautiful surroundings. Read about my experience at this resort here.