Clouds is a restaurant, bar, and bistro located in Zurich’s tallest building, the Prime Tower. It offers spectacular 360-degree panoramic views of the city so you can enjoy food and cocktails while taking in the best views in town.

Clouds prime tower

It’s a relatively new building, and stands as architectural art, bouncing fluffy clouds off its reflective surface. It’s modern on the outside, and modern on the inside as well.

clouds interior

The Atmosphere

That bird’s eye view is a great way to get oriented upon arrival to Zurich. Delicious vegetarian friendly food (and the great company I had that day) made this meal a highlight of my time in Zurich.

clouds view

It’s a more relaxed setting in the bistro section where they serve sandwiches and salads, while the main restaurant, with cheerful yellow accents, offers more formal fare. We ate in the bistro. The ambiance is pleasing with glass bubbles hanging from the ceiling, warm wood floors, and a long copper bar.

clouds sandwich

The Food

I had a green salad with avocado and Lamb’s Leaf. I love the velvety texture of Lamb’s Leaf and was so satisfied by this that I could have called it quits after that. Then my Veggie Sandwich arrived with perfectly crisp fries and I kept going. The bread was fresh and the vegetables were cooked just right. Then, of course I had to have dessert. It was Apple Strudel and a cappuccino and just a couple of bites finished the meal in the best way.

dessert clouds Zurich

Clouds, Bottom Line

You should go to Clouds. It’s in a cool part of town, Zurich West, and after you’re finished with your meal, you can walk around the neighborhood. You can’t beat the views and the food is great. I would love to go back at sunset and experience the nocturnal version of Clouds some day, but I’m glad I got to see it in the day with real clouds overhead.