There are a lot of excellent brunch options in Boise, but brunch at the Modern Hotel and Bar is off the charts fantastic. Food and drink is transformed into art and though it’s ultra casual, this brunch menu is a mind blowing, internationally inspired culinary masterpiece.



Both my son and I raved that it was one of the best brunches we’ve ever experienced.┬áIt’s an adventure for your senses. We ordered half portions when available to get a good overview of what brunch at the Modern is all about, and shared family-style to taste as much variety as possible while savoring every bite alfresco on the cozy patio.


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Ask any Boise local where to get the best cocktails and they’ll probably say the Modern. The Modern Hotel and Bar is known for having the best cocktails in town, made with fresh, imaginative ingredients. I’ve never liked Bloody Marys, but when I saw that they make theirs with Thai Basil and honey, I wanted to try one. I’m not a vodka person, so I asked them to make it with tequila (I think that makes it a Bloody Maria). It was delicious! I was so excited to finally be able to appreciate why people like this classic brunch drink. One of the best cocktails I’ve ever had, hands down.


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Apparently Okonomiyaki is a common dish in Japan. I’ve never tasted it before, but I was smitten at first bite. This was my favorite part of the brunch, and had it not been highly recommended to me I would have missed it. This Okonomiyaki (I ordered a vegetarian version) consisted of a Dashi Pancake, Green Onions, Beet Greens, Kohlrabi, and Crispy Noodles with a yummy sauce. It was amazing, with that perfect mixture of salty and sweet flavors, and a wonderful variety of textures. I’ve been craving it ever since I tasted it. This is something (like most of the things we tried) that is too difficult for me to make at home, but I’ve been giving it a go and won’t stop until I can figure out something similar. I must have Okonomiyaki in my life!


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Sabayon Toast Box

My son goes for the sweeter stuff, while I like a more savory entree. He went crazy for the Sabayon Toast Box, which is a rich, decadent Toast Box. A Toast Box is literally a box made from toast, in this case, hollowed out from Pullman Bread made at the local Gaston’s Bakery. They were apparently popular in the 50’s, I’ve never seen one before. Inside the Sabayon Toast Box is Charred Lemon Sabayon with Rhubarb Puree, Strawberries, Cherries, and Spiced Nuts with Honey. My son devoured it, stopping between bites only to say it was the best brunch ever, and no, I couldn’t have any. I managed to wrangle a bite, and can confirm it was wonderful and unique.


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Truffled Egg Toast & Salad

We also tried the Truffled Egg Toast & Salad which was another Toast Box dish. The salad melted in my mouth and the truffle flavor was generous in the eggs. They use local farm eggs at the Modern and the fresh taste comes through. I’m fascinated by the Toast Box presentation, and it was a perfect match for the Bloody Mary.


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Mascarpone Pancakes

Any time I see Mascarpone as an ingredient in a dish, I want to try it. I had to fight my son for a bite, but the couple of tastes I had of the Mascarpone Pancakes were delicious. They have a dollop of Banana Buttercream on top, with a wonderful Rum Caraway Sauce. They’re very thin with great texture.


brunch modern hotel


Brunch: Modern Hotel and Bar Bottom Line

I can’t imagine a better brunch. It was so inspiring to me, I’ve made brunch twice since returning home from Boise. If I lived there, this would be an instant favorite. This is exactly what I always say dining out should be–something you can’t make for yourself, food transformed to a new experience, as though you’re tasting it for the first time. If you’re a foodie, don’t even think about visiting Boise without stopping by the Modern Hotel and Bar for Brunch. Find out more on the WEBSITE.

  • We were guests of the Modern Hotel & Bar, opinions are my own.