The Boca Raton Resort & Club boasts one of the top spas in the country and the second you walk through the door, you see why. It’s lavish and opulent. The signature ritual bath and massage at the Boca Resort Spa was one of the most unique spa treatments I’ve ever experienced.

The bath takes place in decadent surroundings of mosaic tiles and Spanish-Moorish architecture built to resemble Spain’s Alhambra Palace. When I arrived in the bath area in my robe, an attendant was there to guide me from shower to bath to the bigger spa bath, telling me exactly what to do along the way. I’m pretty modest, but never felt uncomfortable or exposed.


Boca Resort Spa


When I was in my private bath I felt like I was on a Game of Thrones set. It felt extravagant and like I had stepped into another time. Plenty of water and fruit was always available to keep hydrated. After the bath experience, I was taken to another part of the spa for the massage.

The spa has its own private pool and offers a healthy spa menu to enjoy post treatment. I didn’t have time to check that out, but it was calling to me. I would recommend this to anyone and think that it would make a wonderful activity to mark a special occasion like a girl’s weekend, wedding or honeymoon.

* I was a guest of the Boca Resort Spa, opinions are my own.

* Images courtesy of Boca Resort.