When I’m in an unfamiliar city, I really appreciate having a guide show me around. Especially on bike, and because I’m usually traveling with a child. Having that extra adult there who knows the lay of the land is wonderful. Our guide, Patrick, was as nice as a person could possibly be and completely patient and considerate of our needs. We were staying at Los Poblanos, so we had a wonderful organic farm fresh picnic lunch prepared by their kitchen to take along. Patrick brought bikes to the Inn and we all took off from there.



Routes Bike Shop aims to showcase Albuquerque as a worthwhile destination in and of itself, so they began offering themed tours of some of the city’s most interesting attractions, like the Balloon Fiesta and the craft brewpubs. My son and I took a customized tour and it was a highlight of our time in Albuquerque.


routes bike tours


We were excited to discover what a bike friendly place Albuquerque is. For instance, they have designated “bike boulevards” whereby traffic has to defer to cyclists. The speed limit is 18 MPH, and you know you’re on a bike boulevard by the purple cross street signs. We got a perspective of the city we wouldn’t have been able to see any other way. Routes is located in Old Town in a cute little adobe bike shop, and within walking distance of plenty of shops and restaurants. Find out more on the website.