You’ve never tasted a fish sandwich until you’ve had the Talapia Plantain Fish Sandwiches at the Atlantic Bar & Grill in Palm Beach, Florida. Set outside amidst mangrove trees, bright orange umbrellas and salty sea air, the Atlantic Bar & Grill is casual and relaxed–the kind of place you could enjoy wearing your bathing suit cover up. It’s located within the Four Seasons Palm Beach, which is one of my favorite hotels (you can read about my experience at FS Palm Beach here).

atlantic bar & grill fish sandwich palm beach

They have terrific cocktails. I tasted the Mojito, Margarita, and Strawberry Margarita and couldn’t decide which I liked best. The most exciting drink they have is coconut water straight out of a fresh coconut. This is my favorite beverage and tastes like heaven sipped slowly right from the fruit.

View from Atlantic Bar & Grill Palm Beach

AB&G is a place to just kick back and watch people surfing and playing on the beach. The ocean breeze is refreshing and the atmosphere is perfection. It’s the kind of place you crave months after visiting. Not just the food, but the ambiance and positive energy from the people around you.

Churros Four Seasons Palm Beach Atlantic Bar & Grill

Dessert was Key Lim Pie and drop dead amazing Churros served over home made ice-cream. We couldn’t finish our food, it was so flavorful and satisfying, you just don’t need that much. I would go far out of my way to eat at AB&G. This hotel has another wonderful restaurant called JovĂ©, which was great, but the one we keep talking about was Atlantic Bar & Grill.