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Featured Travel Reviews

CampChef Italia Artisan Pizza Oven

If you've been following me on social media, you know that lately I've been obsessed with making my own brick oven pizza. There are no decent pizza places where I live and after a recent Denver trip, where the pizza was amazing, I realized I was sorely lacking my...

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The Maven Hotel, Denver

The Maven Hotel wows you as soon as you walk through the door, and it doesn't stop until you leave. As you make your way to the front desk to check in, you encounter a giant wood carved hand suspended from the ceiling, a shiny Airstream camper, and a yarn wrapped...

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Kachina Southwestern Grill, Denver

Denver's new kid on the Dairy Block, Kachina Southwestern Grill, serves up authentic southwestern cuisine in an energizing atmosphere. Located in lower downtown in the Dairy Block, not far from Union Station, Kachina presents itself like edible art inside Denver's...

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JW Marriott Cherry Creek, Denver

The JW Marriott Cherry Creek, Denver is a luxury hotel offering easy access to all the wonderful things the Cherry Creek neighborhood has to offer. The Lobby A warm, welcoming lobby with a fireplace, caramel wood floors, tree-trunk tables, and turquoise leather chairs...

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The Ritz-Carlton, Denver Luxury

The Ritz-Carlton Denver, the city's oldest Five Diamond hotel, has undergone some gorgeous updates recently. If you haven't been in a while, it's time to return. This is one of my favorite hotels in Denver. Sumptuous, plush surroundings, luxurious amenities, and a...

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Westin Denver International Airport Hotel

Have you ever seen the movie Oblivion? It's a sci-fi Tom Cruise movie that was partially filmed in Iceland (I'll watch anything that was filmed in Iceland). Anyway, the Westin Denver International Airport Hotel reminded me of the Sky Apartment in this movie. The pool...

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Pink Jeep Tours, Sedona: Magnificent Views and Good Fun

I'm always up for a jeep tour. The more interesting the geography, the better, and Sedona is one place that begs for jeep travel. Pink Jeep Tours are a Sedona classic and unless you've rented your own jeep, you really should do a tour to see the area from this...

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Helijet Helicopter Service

I'm obsessed with helicopters. They fascinate me, and I get very excited to be near them or fly in them. The trouble is, I'm not a fan of heights. Terrified might be a better word for it if I'm honest. But I continue to push myself in this direction, because being up...

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The Cooper Lounge, Denver Union Station

"Imbibe in Style," they say, and I can't imagine a place more stylish than The Cooper Lounge at Denver Union Station. This is a place to get swanky and chill out with some quality cocktails and hors d'oeuvres. As someone madly in love with train travel and completely...

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The Crawford Hotel, Denver

The Crawford Hotel in Denver's Union Station offers one of a kind accommodations that will make anyone who loves train travel giddy with delight. I haven't been on the Orient Express yet (I can dream), but The Crawford embraces the wonder and mystique of luxury train...

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Four Seasons Seattle

Four Seasons Seattle is a beautiful oasis in the heart of downtown Seattle, just a couple of blocks from Pikes Place Market. A sparkling turquoise pool, panoramic views of Elliot Bay and Puget Sound and easy access to local attractions make it an excellent choice for...

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Westin Riverfront, Beaver Creek, Colorado

Located in Beaver Creek, on Gore River about ten minutes from Vail Village, The Westin Riverfront is a four diamond resort that offers cozy mountain luxury. It's such a pretty setting, and the way the light hits the place, I kept thinking I was seeing things in HD....

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Mountain Standard, Vail

Mountain Standard is a relaxed and rustic fine dining restaurant with a creative menu and a wonderful creekside indoor-outdoor atmosphere. Flowers, the water, mountains and bistro lights create the perfect mood, and the food is fantastic. With quality ingredients,...

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Denver Union Station

Denver Union Station is a 150 year old icon, the city's ground transportation hub, and my favorite Denver landmark. I'm enamored by train travel, and Union Station for train enthusiasts is nirvana. It's simultaneously glamorous and functional. Formal and relaxed. It's...

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L’Auberge de Sedona

Sedona is one of those places that feels special just by virtue of standing there. Maybe it has to do with all the Vortexes or the collective consciousness there, because every single local I spoke to had a story and every one of them felt reverence for the place....

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Hermosa Inn, Scottsdale

Scottsdale's Hermosa Inn is one of the most interesting properties I've ever visited. Rich with character and history, you feel like you've escaped ordinary life the moment you step foot on this gorgeous Paradise Valley property. This distinctly masculine inn makes...

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Northern Lights in Iceland with SuperJeep

Iceland’s lunar landscapes are mentioned in every guidebook. People talk about the terrain feeling like another planet, but I think it’s equally the lighting. The sky in Iceland is otherworldly. Blues, purples, oranges and yellows throughout the day are hypnotic. I...

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The Dolder Grand Hotel, Zurich

Brace yourself for unparalleled luxury. The Dolder Grand Hotel in Zurich is divine. If you go to the Dolder Grand, you must allow at least two days to marinate in this incredible atmosphere. It’s a soul-feeding destination in itself. A fascinating combination of a...

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The Dolder Grand Spa

The Dolder Grand Spa has to be the best spa experience I've ever had. And that is saying something, because I’ve been to some amazing spas. But this one is special. I also had one of my very best spa treatments here. The Dolder Grand Spa is ultra modern and so...

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Clouds: Zurich’s Restaurant in the Sky

Clouds is a restaurant, bar, and bistro located in Zurich’s tallest building, the Prime Tower. It offers spectacular 360-degree panoramic views of the city so you can enjoy food and cocktails while taking in the best views in town. It's a relatively new building, and...

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CenterHotel Thingholt, Reykjavik

CenterHotel Thingholt was my favorite hotel of the four I tried in Reykjavik. Interesting decor, a touch of strange, and a great comfort level made it a place I'd want to return. From the moment I entered the hotel, with the textured black lava walls approaching the...

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SuperJeep Tour: South Iceland

If you only have a couple of days in Iceland (as many people do, due to Icelandair's famous stopovers), there is one thing you have to do--go on a SuperJeep Tour. Hands down one of the best things I've ever done.    My first tour with was the South Iceland...

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Laundromat Cafe, Reykjavik

One of my favorite memories of Reykjavik was the time I spent at Laundromat Cafe. It's a bustling, vegetarian friendly cafe with smiling faces and rainbows. Literally rainbows. It's centrally located, so pretty much any hotel you're at downtown will give you easy...

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Icelandair Saga Class: What it’s like Up Front

Thinking of flying Icelandair Saga Class? Icelandair is Iceland's flagship carrier. They are based in Keflavik and have been operating flights since 1937. You may have heard about Icelandair's famous free stopovers. They have a deal where you get a free European...

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Four Seasons Santa Fe Rancho Encantado

Once a 57-acre dude ranch and stomping ground for western movie stars practicing their horseback riding skills, the Four Seasons Santa Fe Rancho Encantado is the ideal New Mexico resort for those wishing to marinate in culture, habitat and luxury. This "Enchanted...

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Los Poblanos Inn, Albuquerque

My favorite thing in Albuquerque, New Mexico is the enchanting organic farm known as Los Poblanos Inn. It’s just 15 minutes from the airport and in the heart of the city, but it feels secluded and far away. The drive down the tree-lined entrance is like an escape into...

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El Monte Sagrado, Taos

El Monte Sagrado Hotel is the place to stay in Taos. If New Mexico is The Land of Enchantment, this is the hotel-embodiment of that. The second you walk into the lobby, this place is mesmerizing. Floor to (literally) sparkling ceiling, this hotel is a masterpiece. The...

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